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What is Pacific Software Update Service?

During the course of the past years, there have been major outbreaks of worms and viruses within PacificNet. Many of these vulnerabilities were protected by Microsoft patches that had been released days, weeks, or in some cases, months beforehand. The primary issue for the University is the lack of a managed desktop patching schedule to automatically deploy these fixes. In light of this situation, OIT has developed a Software Update Service for all staff, faculty, and student desktops upon their inclusion in Pacific's Active Directory.

For those departments which are not already cut over to Active Directory, OIT has created the installable packages below to enable your machine to still actively participate in our Software Update Service. If you are not sure whether you are participating in the Pacific Active Directory, please check with your local Technical Support Provider (TSP) or contact the Customer Support Center (CSC) at 209.946.7400 or via email at helpdesk@pacific.edu.

Requirements: Windows 2000 or Later. Windows95/98/NT/ME are not supported in either the Pacific Active Directory nor the Software Update Service.

  • WUAUinstall.exe - The Pacific Windows Update Settings Installer - this installer will write the necessary registry info on your machine so that it can receive and install all the Microsoft patches deployed by Pacific's Software Update Service. After installation, reboot your computer to commit the changes.
  • WUAU22.msi - The Windows Update Installer. **Install this file ONLY if you are running Windows 2000 AND do not have a Windows Update icon in your Control Panel (Start -> Settings -> Control Panel).**
  • WUAUremove.exe - An uninstaller for the Pacific Windows Update Settings policy change (listed above). This is provided for users that are no longer taking part in the SUS policies. This would encompass those people who have laptops or other computers that they are permanently taking off Pacific Net.

The current, default schedule for the application of any patches occurs every morning at 3:00 am and forces a reboot when required. If the machine is offline at 3:00 am (it was turned off, etc), the next time the machine comes onto Pacific Net it will be patched and rebooted (if required).

Note: Installing the above software will not damage your computer if you are already participating in the Active Directory environment. The enhancements are identical to the policies distributed through Pacific's Active Directory.

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