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How can I print from my personal workstation or a workstation not setup with PacificPrint services, queues, driver or software?

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You have a couple options that will allow you to print an item from your personal workstation or a workstation not setup specifically for PacificPrint:


You can upload a file to the PacificPrint website at print.pacific.edu and use web print to submit to either the PacificPrint B&W or PacificPrint Color queue.  Then release the job from any PacificPrint device per normal.

To use PacificPrint Web Print:

  1. Login to the PacificPrint website at print.pacific.edu
  2. Select Web Print from the left menu
  3. Select Submit a Job...
  4. Select a radial for which printer queue you'd like to use - PacificPrint B&W or PacificPrint Color
  5. Select the button 2.Print Options and Account Selection
  6. Modify the number of copies and account you'd like to charge the job to
  7. Select the button 3.Upload Document
  8. Select the button Browse... to navigate your workstation and select a document to upload and print.
  9. Select the button Upload & Complete
  10. The webpage will update the status of your file upload and availability to print the job. Once it reads Held in a queue you can relase it per normal from any PacificPrint device.

Note: Web Print is limited to the following application / file type extension(s): Microsoft Office Excel (xlam, xls, xlsb, xlsm, xlsx, xltm, xltx); Microsoft Office PowerPoint (pot, potm, potx, ppam, pps, ppsm, ppsx, ppt, pptm, pptx); Microsoft Office Word (doc, docm, docx, dot, dotm, dotx); PDF (pdf)

USB Printing

You can save your item on from your worsktation to a USB device. Then you can go to a PacificPrint device and access the file on the USB and print the job.

Note: USB Printing is limited to PDF (pdf) files.

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