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How do I use Locksmith?

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One of the advantages to the PacificNet system is that we allow users to manage their own accounts.  Using Locksmith, our account management system, users can set up security questions that allows them to change, reset and retrieve their PacificNet password without needing to know what it is/was.  The Locksmith system also allows an account to be unlocked by the user in case they have made too many login attempts. The first time you login to Locksmith, you will need to register.

Follow these steps to set up Locksmith:

1. Open your browser and type http://locksmith.pacific.edu into the address bar.  The WELCOME TO THE PACIFICNET ID LOCKSMITH!  SELF-SERVICE PASSWORD RESET AND SYNCHRONIZATION page will appear.  This page will ask for your PacificNet ID username and your campus domain (if you're on the Stockton campus, the domain is STK, SF for San Francisco, and SAC for Sacramento).

2. After selecting your campus, enter your PacificNet ID username.  Example: If your name is Rebecca Stovall your username would likely be rstovall.  For more information about your PacificNet ID please review OITFAQ Article: How do I know what my PacificNet ID is? 

3. Click I agree.

4. Select Continue at the Enrollment instructions.

5. Select Continue a second time. The PacificNet ID Password page will display.

6. Enter your default password.

7. Select Continue. The PacificNet ID Enrollment page will then display.

8. Select and answer the three security questions.

9. After you have selected and answered your questions, select Continue.

10. A notification that you have successfully enrolled will appear.

13. Select Continue,  which returns you to the Password Station page where you can change your password, reset your password, or check on the status of your account.

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