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What is the Pacific Cellular Wireless Group Plan?

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Pacific Wireless Group Plan
The University of the Pacific (Pacific) has agreements with Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon to provide discounts to cellular services and devices for Pacific’s faculty and staff. In addition, Sprint and AT&T offer discounts for students. Pacific divisions, schools, and departments can leverage these agreements to purchase cellular services and devices for staff and faculty.


Personal Purchase Discounts

To take advantage of Sprint personal employee discounts, visit http://www.sprint.com/californiahighereducation. Click Get Discounts and complete the form.
To take advantage of Sprint personal student discounts, visit http://www.sprint.com/save. Submit you u.pacific.edu email address to get your discount.


To take advantage of AT&T personal employee discounts, visit www.att.com/wireless/uopfacultystaff. Enter your @pacific.edu  address to access the available employee discounts. To take advantage of the AT&T student discounts, visit www.att.com/wireless/uop. Enter your @u.pacific.edu address to access the available student discounts.   Both personal and student AT&T discounts include waived activation fees, waived upgrade fees, and new service activation credits of $25 and $50.


To take advantage of Verizon personal employee discounts, visit http://www.verizonwireless.com/discounts. Enter your @pacific.edu address to access the available discounts. Verizon does not currently offer discounts for students.


Ordering a phone/PDA device through the Pacific Wireless Group Plan:
Please use the order form located in insidePacific under the Administrative tab. These forms can be e-mailed, printed and faxed or sent via campus mail for submission to the Office of Information Technology (OIT).  Please make sure that you have your budget office’s approval before sending the form to OIT.

Note: To edit the form(s) you must use Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher. You can get the latest version of the Adobe Reader from the Adobe website here to view and edit the form.
If you are unable to view or download this form, please contact the Customer Support Center (CSC) Helpdesk (209.946.7400 or helpdesk@pacific.edu) or your local Technical Support Provider (TSP).
We are happy to fax, e-mail or mail you the form(s). Forms can also be picked up at the CSC Helpdesk, McGeorge IT, or the San Francisco Telecommunications.


How to save minutes:

Nights and weekend minutes. This feature allows for calling during each carrier’s specific hours without using the allotted plan minutes.

Mobile-to-mobile calling.  Mobile to mobile calling covers any calls to cellular numbers, regardless of

carrier, without using the allotted plan minutes.

Landline Calls. Calls to land line phones, except for nights and weekends as mentioned above, typically use allotted plan minutes.

Premium Services: Keep in mind that services like 411, Premium Text Messaging, and purchased Ring tones will add charges and are not included in any of the above plans.


Recommended cell phones/PDA devices:
OIT does not recommend specific devices. Devices with Apple iOS and Google Android OS are both supported by OIT.


If you have any questions about the form or the process for ordering devices, please contact the Customer Support Center at 209-946-7400 or your local technical support provider.

Questions about the Pacific Wireless Group Plan? 
Feel free to search the OITFAQ about the Pacific Wireless Group Plan.

If you have further questions about the Pacific Wireless Group Plan please contact CSC Helpdesk at 209.946.7400 or helpdesk@pacific.edu or your local TSP.

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